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Eco -Agri Uganda

The Environmental Conservation & Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda) is a registered Organisation under the Uganda registrar of Companies – as a Company Limited by Guarantee with no share capital.
Eco Agri
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November 11, 2019

The organisation was established in 2007 and enjoys over 7 years experience in providing services related to capacity building, research, and trainings in livelihood improvement sectors such as agriculture, entrepreneurship and financial management, health and sanitation plus environmental conservation.

The organization cherishes and builds on five core values which include:

  • Transparency and Accountability;
  • Innovativeness & Professionalism;
  • Partnerships and Networking;
  • Gender equality;
  • Commitment to Sustainable Development of communities that takes into account contemporary cross cutting issues like HIV/AIDS, Climate Change, MDGS, and National Development Plans and Strategies .

    Eco-Agric Uganda’s goal

    In a bid to align towards the NDP goal of attaining middle income status by 2020 through strengthening the country’s competitiveness for sustainable wealth creation, employment and inclusive growth, Eco-Agric Uganda’s goal will be “to contribute to improved livelihoods of communities and health outcomes”.


    A healthy and empowered population living in a sustainable environment

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