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The Appropriate Technology Library

The most comprehensive, compact, and cost effective appropriate technology and sustainable living resource in the world!

The AT Library contains the full text and images from over 1050 of the best books dealing with all areas of self-reliance, do-it-yourself technology – over 150,000 pages! Portable and easy to use on 1 USB drive. The AT Library is currently in use in over 74 countries worldwide.

The new USB Edition contains book covers and metadata that can be synced with your favorite eBook reader using the included eBook management software (see image above). We’ve even integrated the entire Appropriate Technology Sourcebook summaries for each book! Additionally, the new version also contains complete 32bit and 64bit Linux operating systems bundled with Calibre, office suite, internet browser and many other commonly used programs – making the AT Library a turn-key solution for most hardware configurations.
Compatible with Multiple Devices
Includes Complete Linux Operating System
The AT Library can work as a stand-alone resource with its own operating system OR you can install the included operating system and breath new life into older computer systems.
Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems

The Appropriate Technology Library is compact and easy to use. It contains all 1,050 books plus the complete Appropriate Technology Sourcebook on just one USB flash drive. That’s enough books to fill a shipping container in the palm of your hand! Volume discounts are also available. Please inquire about volume 

discount by emailing [email protected]

System Requirements: Will run on virtually any hardware configuration and operating system with a PDF reader. Don’t wait, order yours today!

**ALL SALES FINAL. For international shipping we recommend shipping via secure & trackable USPS, UPS, or DHL. All sales final. No returns.

Please contact [email protected] for questions.