Village Earth

We are proud to represent and support so many amazing organizations around the globe. These organizations understand the challenges in their own community and environment and can generate creative locally appropriate solutions. They often, however, need additional support to gain greater control over the decisions and resources that shape their lives, whether it’s cleaner water, protected land, thriving enterprises or better access to healthcare and education.

Meet Village Earth’s Global Affiliates

Maloca Communities

Maloca is a grassroots support organization that works with indigenous peoples living in the Amazon basin. Maloca works directly with indigenous leaders as well as with an array of volunteers and sponsors in the U.S. to raise awareness about the needs of community partners and find means to help them establish self-sustaining strategies to address these needs.

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Public Lab Mongolia

Works to foster data-based decision-making and increase youth contribution in achieving sustainable development goals via open data by creating and improving data on environment, and environmental health issues.

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Eco Friendly Volunteers (Eco-V)

Eco friendly Volunteers (ECO-V) is a non-profitable voluntary organization established on 7th February 2001. We are engaged in environmental conservation in Sri Lanka based on Buddhist Philosophy. ECO-V has a network of over 1000 volunteers throughout Sri Lanka who contribute to research and community work to support conservation of the environment. Our programs are for children, youth and adults. We are always looking for local and international volunteers

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Native Lands Advocacy Project

The Native Lands Advocacy Project advocates on behalf of and provides direct support to Native American Tribes and native organizations in their efforts to recover, protect, defend, and demand greater control over their lands and resources.

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Eco -Agri Uganda

The Environmental Conservation & Agricultural Enhancement Uganda (Eco-Agric Uganda) is a registered Organisation under the Uganda registrar of Companies – as a Company Limited by Guarantee with no share capital.

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Amahoro Project – Burundi

The project’s goals of supporting sustainable peace and development recognizes that without peace there will not be the foundation needed for community, economic and environmental health as reflected in the most popular definitions of sustainability.

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