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Below are some of the videos available.  riotigre “Por El Rio Tigre” is a community-based film workshop with Kichwa, Zapara, and Bora communities in the Rio Tigre region of Peru. The expedition took place over 5 weeks, November through December of 2006. The community-based film workshops, developed by Village Earth, allow entire communities to work together link past, present, and possible futures into a shared narrative with the express purpose of communicating with outsiders to raise awareness and support for their situation while attempting to mitigate the distortion or framing of issues by outsiders.  anaconda “Children of the Anaconda” A community-based film production facilitated by reflexive films and Village Earth. Paromea Ronin Bakebo (Shipibo for “the Children of the Anaconda) illustrates the visions and hopes of the Shipibo people of Peru’s Amazon Basin, who struggle to protect their way of life and natural resources against the threats from outside interests encroaching upon their traditional lands.  rezononmics “Rezonomics” A documentary on the eclectic and inventive survival strategies of residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation, navigates the seamless web of economic and social relations of the Oglala Lakota, challenging the Western European notion of economy, which separates the “rational” economic from the embedded moral, normative, and reciprocal relations at play in many indigenous and rural communities. This film has been produced by the Department of Anthropology of Colorado State University, Village Earth, and Reflexive Films. Filmmakers: Ralf Kracke-Berndorff, Raúl Paz Pastrana, David Bartecchi Festivals: DocsDF, Mexico City’s Documentary Film Festival, 2006 (docsdf.com); EthnoFilmFest, Völkerkundemuseum München, 2010

Upcoming Courses in the Village Earth/CSU Online Certificate Program in Community-Based Development

Fall I Session

GSLL 1518 – Community-Based Food Systems

During this five week course, you will learn about various approaches to building community-based food systems and movements for food justice around the world. Together, we will evaluate successful efforts at food system relocalization and the protection of community food resources, as well as the factors that threaten these efforts.

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Summer II Session

GSLL 1510 – Community-Based Mapping

This course explores theories, ethics, applications, and methods of community-based mapping and its role in participatory learning and action as well as larger processes of integrated community-based development.

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