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Village Earth Delivers Large Donation of Farm Equipment to Knife Chief Buffalo Nation on the Pine Ridge Reservation


Village Earth recently delivered a large donation of farm equipment to the Knife Buffalo Nation Society on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The generous donation of a John Deere tractor, round bailer, and mower was made by Wendy Babbie of Elk, California who requested to donate the equipment to one of our affiliates on the Pine Ridge Reservation. To cover the large cost of inspecting, loading and transporting the equipment from northern California to South Dakota, Village Earth and the KCBN raised donations from our supporters and from the Society For Threatened People in Germany. While transport was delayed for over year because of weather and COVID-19 we’re happy to announce the equipment finally made it to Pine Ridge!


The donation will make it possible for Knife Chief to harvest hey during the summer to be used to feed their bison herd during colder months when the grasses stop growing. This will save them a considerable expense of having to purchase bales during this time.  Village Earth and Knife Chief would like to thank Wendy Babbe and all the donors who helped make this donation possible!


If you have equipment you would like to donate to a Native organization or Tribe Village Earth can help facilitate that and provide the necessary documentation to make your donation tax deductible to extent allowable by law. For more inforamation contact [email protected]

“Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Society is a non-profit organization named after our grandfather, Mila Yatan Pika Pte, Knife Chief. This grass roots organization is committed to caring for the members of the buffalo nation as relatives and learning from them. Our herd is located near Porcupine, South Dakota. We have managed the buffalo herd and have been informally doing these activities for several years. The buffalo that are in our care are used as sustenance as well as for ceremonial and spiritual purposes. Our goal is to restore a respectful and spiritual relationship that we once had with the Buffalo Nation so that our future generations can continue the ceremonies that make us strong.”

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