Village Earth

Batesland Sewing Project


VE, CSU and the Batesland community collaborate on a project to increase participation in their youth dance program. Community members identified that many youth wanted to participate but couldn’t afford the regalia. Village Earth along with volunteers from the Department of Anthropology at CSU, and the CSU service learning program requested donations of fabric and other materials identified by community members. Originally only about 10 students said they would be interested but after we started measuring 20 more students decided they too would like to participate. After we had our list of measurements and patterns we created “kit’s” that could be assembled by the children’s parents or other relatives. A look at the final product….

Upcoming Courses in the Village Earth/CSU Online Certificate Program in Community-Based Development

Fall I Session

GSLL 1518 – Community-Based Food Systems

During this five week course, you will learn about various approaches to building community-based food systems and movements for food justice around the world. Together, we will evaluate successful efforts at food system relocalization and the protection of community food resources, as well as the factors that threaten these efforts.

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Summer II Session

GSLL 1510 – Community-Based Mapping

This course explores theories, ethics, applications, and methods of community-based mapping and its role in participatory learning and action as well as larger processes of integrated community-based development.

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