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Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) – Nepal

ICA Nepal aims to enlarge the opportunities of the disadvantaged communities, enhancing individual and organizational capacity throughout the country through: training, facilitation and developmental activities.
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November 30, 2021


With the aim of changing lives and changing societies, the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA) Nepal was established in early 1998 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Since its establishment and following its philosophy: ‘every individual has a capacity to bring change in his/her situation’, ICA Nepal has continuously worked for human capacity development, and hence, has emerged as one of the leading organizations in training and facilitation in Nepal. ICA Nepal believes that no sustainable development or change is achieved without considering existing cultural dynamics and pluralities. Thus, it is dedicated to creating an environment, in which the opportunity of participation, and the building in of sustainable change and development is foremost.


Nepal aims to enlarge the opportunities of the disadvantaged communities, enhancing individual and organisational capacity throughout the country through: training, facilitation and developmental activities.


ICA Nepal’s activities are guided by two major philosophies, namely Participation for Sustainable Development and Lifelong Learning. ICA Nepal believes in participation for development. Every group or individual should actively participate and should be given the chance to participate in order to build a sustainable pattern of change and development. ICA Nepal follows the ideology of lifelong learning that is pursued throughout life. It crosses sectors and cultures to promote learning beyond the traditional format and structures. We believe in developing creativity, initiative and responsiveness in people, thereby enabling them to adapt to uncertain changes, communicate across and within cultures and sub-cultures, and to negotiate conflict.

Most of the activities of ICA Nepal were developed by considering the principles and focal areas of the Government of Nepal, Technology of Participation (ToP), ICA, Social Artistry Initiative, The Village Earth Model for Sustainable Village-Based Development, Rotary International and CIIVICUS.


Mission and Objectives

ICA’s mission is to promote social innovation through participation and community building.

The objectives of ICA Nepal are to: Promote a culture of participation at all levels of society, encourage people and groups to participate in alleviating poverty and discrimination (in access to resources, social status etc.), Introduce the experience of other world-wide ICAs into the Nepali context, and, provide facilitation skills to communities and organisations.

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