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Update from Mila Yatan Pika Pte Oyate Okolakiciye (Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Organization)



One of our Pte Oyate (buffalo nation) relatives) in the Knife Chief Buffalo Pasture

Mila Yatan Pika Pte Oyate Okolakiciye (Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Organization) continues to provide a pasture/home for members of the Pte Oyate (Buffalo Nation) and the community continues to reap the benefits in terms of spiritual and physical nourishment from them.  Below is a summary of our activities for this period. February 2013 – a partnership with Students Shoulder to Shoulder organization was formed.  This international organization send teams of youth to various communities around the globe to assist with community development and as a cultural exchange.  This organization will send youth to the Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Organization in Porcupine to assist with preparation for the summer ceremonies and the fencing of the buffalo pasture.2

Waiting for the Welcoming the Babies ceremony to begin March 2013

March 2013 – Welcoming new babies ceremony:  In this ceremony the babies born within the past year are blessed on a buffalo robe and a positive prediction and prayer is made for their lives.3

Buffalo Robe Buffalo Skull Preparing for Welcoming New Babies KCBNO

March 2013 – Welcoming back the Thunder Nation ceremony was held at Hinhan Kaga Paha (Imitates Owl Mountain) in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota.4Welcoming Back Thunder Ceremony, Hinhan Kaga Paha (known as Harney Peak on map), Black Hills, SD.  5

Welcome Back Thunder Ceremony, Harney Peak, Black Hills SD

March 2013 – a collaborative partnership was formed with the Tasunke Wakan Okolakiciye (Medicine Horse Society) and Tatanka Hoksila Okolakiciye (Buffalo Boy Society), an organization whose goal is to provide affordable housing to the reservation community; the members of these organizations traveled to the sacred Black Hills on a wood cutting and wood hauling project so there will be wood for the sacred Inipi (purification) ceremony.6

The fruits of labor- Wood Cutting Project for sacred ceremonies


Mahpiya Maza (Iron Cloud), Ed Iron Cloud III, KCBNO Board Member, Wood Cutting Project

April 2013 – the Istamni Wicakicipakintapi (wiping of tears) ceremony was held on April 27, 2013 for all of creation to acknowledge the losses experienced throughout the year by our relatives – the four legged, the winged and the plant/tree nations.  This was held at Pe Sla in the sacred Black Hills. May 2013 – Wanasa (community travels for sacred buffalo hunt) ceremony was held on May 4th.  A young Lakota man prepared for the hunt four days in a row in the sacred manner and made a buffalo kill so that there would be meat for the people to be fed in preparation for and during the sacred MilaYatan Pika (Knife Chief) Sundance ceremony in June.

Future Events and Plans

We plan on sponsoring a rite of passage for a young boy who will prepare in the sacred manner for a buffalo hunt which will be used for the Tasunke Wakan Wi Wayang Wacipi (Medicine Horse Sundance Ceremony) in July. We are also planning to make a journey to the sacred mountain, Inyan Kaga Paha (where stones are gathered mountain) located in the sacred Black Hills.  This journey is in observance of the spiritual calendar when offerings are made in preparation for the Summer ceremonies.  All of the spiritual offerings made at different times throughout the year according to the spiritual calendar were taught to us as Lakota people by the Pte Oyate (buffalo nation) and to whom we continue to honor and care for. Our fencing project will continue this summer with the help of the international organization, Students Shoulder to Shoulder. We are also planning for the Children’s Healing Camp on July 12-16, 2013 for children, ages 7-12, who have experienced trauma, grief and loss. This is a grass roots community based camp in response to the violence, abuse and trauma the children suffer.  This will be held in Porcupine, SD in partnership with Tasunke Wakan Okolakiciye (Medicine Horse Society).  See attached brochure for more information.


For more information, contact us at: Email:  [email protected] Telephone:  605-209-8777 or 605-407-0091 Website:  www.knifechiefbuffalonation.org


We extend a heartfelt appreciation to the people who have supported our efforts whether financially, physically or spiritually.  Your support is truly appreciated and we especially appreciate the Tunkasila (spiritual entities) for their continued support and guidance.  We also acknowledge the Pte Oyate (Buffalo Nation) for what they inspire in us and their teachings – protection of the young, conservation of the land and the strength and fortitude to endure whatever comes.  Lila Wopila Tanka!! (We thank you all very much). We ask you the general public, our friends and relatives, what you think we should do to expand our work so that others can learn from the teachings of the buffalo nation?  We are very interested in hearing from you!8

Knife Chief Buffalo Nation Organization, Buffalo Pasture, February 2013

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