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Village Earth Footage to Appear in Smithsonian Exhibit

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Village Earth footage of our work with Shipibo communities in the Peruvian Amazon over the last six years is slotted to appear in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) in an exhibit entitled Infinity of Nations: Art and History in the Collections of the National Museum of the American Indian.

This exhibit is scheduled to be on view at the NMAI, George Gustav Heye Center, New York, New York, opening October 23, 2010 through 2020. Proceeds from the sale of the footage are going to support projects in Shipibo villages such as land demarcation and the Shipibo Radio Network. Village Earth is pleased to share our work with the Smithsonian NMAI, and we encourage you to check out the exhibit if you are in the New York City area.

Upcoming Courses in the Village Earth/CSU Online Certificate Program in Community-Based Development

Winter II Session

GSLL 1510 – Community-Based Mapping

This course explores theories, ethics, applications, and methods of community-based mapping and its role in participatory learning and action as well as larger processes of integrated community-based development.

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Winter II Session

GSLL 1509 – Development and the Politics of Empowerment

Through a careful investigation of the historical applications of development, we will explore the idea that development is an inherently political process and challenge the claim that any development NGO is apolitical. Additionally, we will strive to identify successful methods of community empowerment through political organization.

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Winter I Session

GSLL 1503 – Community Mobilization

This training draws on the theories and methods of Brazilian educator Paulo Friere, whose work has guided some of the most successful development and education programs around the globe, including the Orangi Pilot Project in Bangladesh, The NAAM movement in Burkina Faso, and the Sarvodaya Shramadana Movement in Sri Lanka, among others.

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