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Village Earth Remembers John Ragnar Long – August 23, 1973 – November 20, 2017

Village Earth honors the passing of another member of our family, John R. Long who, after a long and spirited battle, succumbed to cancer November 20th, 2017. John first joined Village Earth as a volunteer starting in 1999. As a volunteer, John engaged Village Earth as a sponsor of the second annual Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Fair which served as an annual focal point for the local sustainability community and showcased sustainable technologies and projects from around the world. The first fair was organized by Students at Colorado State University. After that time, the fair would be organized by the Rocky Mountain Sustainable Living Association each year until 2015. In 2000 John completed Village Earth’s flagship in-person training “Participatory Practices for Sustainable Development (PPSD). Connections made during this training lead John to spearhead a partnership between Village Earth and the International Rescue Committee on a large-scale cluster development program in the southern region of Azerbaijan from 2001 to 2003. John worked diligently as Village Earth’s director of development but was clearly more comfortable ‘out in the community’ working on the Sustainable Living Fair or innovating in the burgeoning biofuels market, eventually co-founding Blue Sun Biodiesel Fuels and other sustainability focused organizations like Zero Hero, Fat Pig Society, and Biodiesel for Bands. John was a true leader who inspired others and supported the growth and development of those around him. He was a major catalyst for change in the Fort Collins community and beyond and we all feel a deep sense of loss with his passing but his legacy and spirit lives on through all the people he inspired and all the institutions he helped to form!

Upcoming Courses in the Village Earth/CSU Online Certificate Program in Community-Based Development

Spring II Session

GSLL 1517 – Community-Based Organizing

Taking a practical “hands-on” perspective, this course will explore the theories, tools, styles and challenges of community-based organizing. It will discuss practical strategies for developing community leadership and working with marginalized communities, exploring the ideas and examples from Evo Morales, Paulo Freire, Saul Alinsky, Sub-Comandante Marcos, the Bridge Immigrant Rights experiment and Martin Heidegger.

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Spring II Session

GSLL 1512 – Micro-Finance Projects : Sustainable Community Development and the Role of Women

The role of micro-enterprises in developing communities is crucial. This course examines the process of identifying projects to fit the needs of people and equipping individuals with the basic skills to run these projects. Of particular emphasis is the role of women in the process. Projects oriented towards women are important means of increasing their self esteem – which can have far reaching economic and social impact on the entire community.

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