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World Orphans Now Hiring

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Position: Director of Sustainability Programs at World Orphans Reports to: Vice President of Projects Overview:The World Orphans strategy of church-to-church partnerships places an emphasis on the self-sustainability of projects through the strengthening of the indigenous church, and when necessary, by the development of sustainability programs led by indigenous church members. The sustainability programs must strengthen church envisioned projects through supporting them with necessary resources, improving capacities, motivating church member led management systems, and partnering with local community development ministry partners. • It is the desire of World Orphans that each child cared for by its indigenous church partners reach their full potential and become everything God desires for them to be. So self-sustainability applies also to the child. The Director of Sustainability Programs will work with our indigenous church partners to ensure children have access to secondary education, university education, vocational training, other life skills, training, and job opportunities. • World Orphans Home Based Care Program (HBC) places an emphasis on caring for orphans and vulnerable children in the homes of extended relatives, family friends, neighbors, and other community members. Many times these families lack the basic resources to care for these children, so temporary assistance in the form of food, schools fees clothing, etc., is necessary. It is the desire of World Orphans that these families become empowered to meet these basic needs through education, training, and job opportunities. This may include grants for education and/or micro-finance loans for the establishment of a business. Position Details: The Director of Sustainability Programs will be responsible for assisting World Orphans projects in the research, planning, coordination, and implementation of sustainability projects in all three areas listed above.

    • Develop and manage sustainability program strategies, policies, and plans;
    • Coordinate, evaluate, and monitor programs to ensure that there are proper planning processes, periodic reports, and fluid communications between all stakeholders;
    • Contribute to a strategy focused on fundraising for sustainability programs and accountability to donors;
    • Seek to ensure that ministry objectives are met through close cooperation with partner organizations, members of the partnering churches, and World Orphans personnel;
    • Establish a network of contacts with government entities, partner organizations for consulting services and expertise needed at the local level, in keeping with the principles and strategies of World Orphans;
    • Monitor the progress achieved in the implementation of the programs with special reference to indicators of project, child, and family sustainability;
    • Prepare and submit program progress and financial reports to concerned stakeholders;
    • Contribute to team efforts by exhibiting cooperative and effective work relationships, such as responding positively to challenges, assignments, and inter and intra departmental requests – seeing beyond own tasks to help fulfill the goals of the ministry;
    • Accept additional responsibilities as needs indicate, with primary response to direction from the Vice President of Projects;

Salary/Benefits: Full time salary and ministry support raised position. Salary commensurate to level of education and experience. Qualifications and Requirements: A mission driven professional with international experience and the ability to direct, develop, and support a range of programs serving orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children through the local church. The position also requires exceptional communication skills and cross-cultural awareness to effectively advocate with donors, government officials, churches, and Network Partners. Qualified candidate has a Bachelor’s degree with 3 to 5 years program development work experience or Master’s degree in related field with 2 years experience. The position is based in the United States with up to 35% travel annually to other countries as assigned. Personal Leadership The qualified candidate will be able to communicate the World Orphans Christian ethos and demonstrate a quality of humble spiritual leadership that is an example to others. He or she will attend and participate in a local church body, preferably in a teaching or leadership orphans logo

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